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Anyone can find disease. The objective of a true healer is to find Health.

– Dr. Andrew Taylor Still

Admissions Open for

Craniosacral Therapy Foundation Training

Batch 4 (2022-23)

Rishikesh (September 2022) – Last few Seats Remaining

Bangalore (October 2022) – Full

A little learning is a dang’rous thing; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, And drinking largely sobers us again

– Alexander Pope


To our Second Batch of Craniosacral Therapists

Our Programs

Integrated Craniosacral Therapy Foundation Training

An in-depth training of eight seminars of five to seven days spread over approximately 20 months.

Our training based on the classical osteopathy texts and expertly woven with Indian Spirituality will make you a confident and competent Craniosacral Therapist.

Advanced Craniosacral Therapy Seminars

Advanced Seminars deepen you into the practice of CST making your treatments even more effective.

These seminars are usually run for four to five days and are taught by experienced trainers from all over the world.

Dance of the Mood Hormones

We are all drug addicts – just that those drugs are produced by our bodies and are called hormones.

Understand how the chemicals in our bodies determines our moods, our high and lows, what we fear, what we enjoy, how we react and more. Learn to use the bio chemistry of the body to your advantage.

Our Vision

To create qualified, competent and confident therapists and practitioners of various alternative and complementary healing modalities.

 All our trainings offer a unique blend of deep spirituality rooted in the ancient Indian scriptures, inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, combined with techniques and knowledge from all over the world that are relevant to the course a student is taking.

17 reasons to study iCST with us

Your benefits

Dramatically improved health for yourself

More than 60% of our training is hands-on. Participants will be giving or recieving many treatments. Most of our students experience dramatically improved health by the end of the course.

After all,  you yourself need to have vibrant, bouncy health to be able to effectively give the gift of health to someone else.

You're never helpless

If anything goes awry – from minor aches and pains to some more serious issues, you will be able to start giving treatment and helping the person in trouble until you wait for expert medical help. 

Body Alignment Exercises

You will learn many body alignment exercises that will help you heal deeply from within. You will feel strengthened, detoxed and balanced and be able to melt away aches and pains that may have been there for years.

Techniques for personal development

Personal development tools to help create a dramatically better quality of life for yourself are part of the training.

CST Practice development tools

We have specific modules in our training that will help you kick start your CST practice. Charging professionally for treatments is interwoven into the program. Many of our students have earned whatever they invested in the training even before they finished the program.

Great alternative source of income

For some, CST and other alternative healing modalities have become a viable career. For others, practising these provides a great secondary source of income.

Internships available

Our students have the opportunity to optionally intern with the Panchakarma Centre of the Art of Living International Ashram at Bangalore. 

Career opportunities with us

We select a handful of our best students to become tutors and trainers on our programs. There are a slew of benefits for them including dramatically reduced rates for all our programs including advanced seminars and monetary compensation for their time. 

If you love to travel and teach healing, this could be the career you were dreaming about.

Community support

You will be part of exclusive Whatapp and Facebook groups that will support you long after your traning is over. All trainers and tutors are part of these communities. These communities include doctors with different specialisations and other brilliant alternative healers as well.

Why choose us?

Training based on NLP and Adult learning theory

Our training is a blend of the requisite theoritical knowledge, supervised hands-on practice and experential group actvities conducted in a lively and engaging learning environment.

We use principles of Adult learning theory and Neuro Linguistic Programming to ensure that our students can grasp and easily comprehend even the most complex of topics. 

Unique blend of east and west

Our training is based on classical Osteopathy texts by Dr. A. T. Still, Dr. W. G.  Sutherland, Dr. R. Becker, Dr. H. Magoun and Dr. T. M. Littlejohn as well as the work of more contemporary osteopaths and Craniosacral therapists like Micheal Kern (DO), Franklin Sills (DO), Stanley Rosenberg (DO) and Dr. Robert Schleip.

This knowledge is expertly woven with relevant esoteric ideas, philosophies and techniques of Indian spirituality inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar.

We are the only school in the world that offers this exclusive blend.

International guidelines

We follow international best policies to structure our traning which is spread over 750 learning hours. This includes classroom hours, home assignments, hands-on sessions and case studies.

Anatomy and physiology are part of the training

Our CST practitioner training includes all the anatomy and physiology you will require to learn to become a capable and confident practitioner as part of the syllabus of the course.

Most other schools offer this as an extra training priced at upto Rs 1 lakh.

Detailed class notes

We provide original, detailed, copyrighted content with full colour photos and drawings as class notes for each seminar, so you can study and revise at your own pace. These notes become a rich source of reference once the training is completed. 

Personal attention

Each participant gets personal attention from their tutors and timely assessment so at any time they know what to focus on and what to work at. 

Quiet and serene locales

Holistic healing modalities are deep and delicate by nature. Our trainings are conducted in beautiful and peaceful environs which are conducive to learning the subtle nuances of these practices.

There is no such thing as an incurable disease. Only incurable people.

– Michael Kern (DO)

Integrated Craniosacral Therapy Foundation Training

20 months – 8 Seminars

An in-depth training of eight seminars of five to seven days, spread over approximately twenty months.

One series is conducted at the serene Art of Living International Centre in Bangalore, the other at our picturesque ashram on the banks of the River Ganga in Rishikesh. Seminar 4 is common for both the batches and is taught online.

Advanced CST Seminars

The advanced seminar series are designed to deepen the knowledge that CST practitioners have acquired during the foundation course.

These seminars will introduce the practitioners to new techniques developed in the field making their practice even more effective.

You need to have completed the Foundation training of any reputed CST school to be eligible to participate in the Advanced Seminars. Some of these seminars will be taught by expert trainers from around the world.

Book an iCST Session

CST has the potential to release a range of issues – from minor aches and pains to chronic deep-seated stresses and tensions. A series of CST sessions can progressively be deeply relaxing experiences. Each session takes around 45 minutes to an hour.

Give yourself this unique gift of health from one of our practitioners.

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