Add Listing to Practitioner Directory

Add Listing – Details & Pricing

Sri Sri Centre of Healing Arts maintains a Practitioner Directory where all our graduates and students who are currently studying with us can choose to have their personal details publicly listed. This will help potnetial clients find you and contact you for treatments.

We charge a nominal Rs 1000 per year to maintain your details on our website.

Click the button below and pay Rs 1000. After your payment is successful, you will be automatically redirected to create an account on this website. Once your account is created, you will be taken to a page where you will need to enter all your personal details. You will need to choose the category you are eligible for from:

Trainers and Tutors are highly experienced CST therapists. They devote a lot of their time in learning, teaching and practice of CST.

Practitioners* are people who are committed to learning more about CST. They have successfully completed their Foundation training and have attended Advanced Seminars every year to upgrade and refine their skills as a therapist.

Practitioners are people who have successfully graduated from our CST Foundation training.

Student Practitioners are people who are still learning with us or have not yet successfully completed all their graduation requirements.

Complete filling out the form and hit submit. We will approve your details from the Backend and then your listing will be publicly visible.

We approve listings every Sunday, so you may need to wait a bit to see your listing go live on the Practitioner Directory.

Please click the button below to proceed.


You will be charged Rs 1200 (+ taxes, etc).

Important: Once the payment is completed. please wait for a few seconds and don’t close your window. You will then be redirected to create your account and submit your listing details.

Remember that submitted listings will only be made public every Sunday.