Mood Hormones

One right person can completely change your mood.

– Anonymous

We are all drug addicts – just that those drugs are produced by our bodies and are called hormones.

Understand how the chemicals in our bodies determines our moods, our high and lows, what we fear, what we enjoy, how we react and more. Learn to use the bio chemistry of the body to your advantage.

We will do a quick exploration of how the hormonal system in our bodies work. Then we will delve deeper into the seven biggies and see their functions and how those functions affect us and others around us.

  • Dopamine – Feelings of achievement, waking up
  • Oxytocin – Feelings of trust and love
  • Serotonin – Feelings of satisfaction and self worth
  • Endorphins – Feelings of euphoria, natural pain reliever
  • Melatonin – Guides the moods, circadian rhythm
  • Adrenaline – Feelings of thrill, get up and go, fight-flight response
  • Cortisol – Stress and Survival

Finally we will see how they dance with each other to make us feel what we feel.

If you are tired of being the puppet – one who has been dancing to the tune of the biochemistry of the body, then this course is for you.

Take back the control of how you feel by understanding how that feeling is caused in the first place – and how you can influence the very aspects of the body that control these feelings.


  • 18 years or above
  • Fluency in English – The seminar will be conducted in English
  • No psychological issues. If you are taking any sort of psychiatric drugs, you need to wean yourself off these drugs before you can attend this workshop
  • You don’t need to have any medical background whatsoever to do this workshop – absolutely anyone can do it


  • Dance of the Mood Hormones is an online seminar.
  • You will require a good internet connection and a device with Zoom installed.
  • The seminar will run for four sessions over two weeks – each session will be between an hour and a half to two hours duration.

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