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Sri Sri Centre of Healing Arts aims to create qualified, competent and confident therapists and practitioners of various alternative and complementary healing modalities.

 All our trainings offer a unique blend of deep spirituality rooted in the ancient Indian scriptures, inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, combined with techniques and knowledge from all over the world that are relevant to the course a student is taking.



Well-Being & Sleep Expert | Author | Speaker

Khurshed Batliwala (Bawa)

Khurshed is a multi-faceted personality. His first love is Spirituality and he meditates daily – ever since he took his first Art of Living course way back in 1992.

More than 20 years ago, he had developed a severe back issue and was advised surgery to resolve it. He refused surgery and chose to take the alternative therapy route. Osteopathy and Craniosacral Therapy helped him regain his health. Over the years, he frequently resorted to taking CST treatments for almost any health challenge that would crop up from time to time.

An avid learner, he decided to learn CST. He completed his formal certification from a school based out of Australia. He then continued his training with highly skilled practitioners from around the world.

His decades long practice of meditation served to develop a profound sensitivity and the delicate touch required from a Craniosacral Therapist. He has helped hundreds of people feel dramatically better in a just a few sessions of CST.

Along with Dinesh Ghodke and Dr Ankita Dhelia, he created and has been teaching the Integrated Craniosacral Therapy Foundation Program, which is recognised by PACT through the Sri Sri Tattva Centre of Healing Arts.

He loves animals, enjoys reading, long walks and movies and theatre with happy endings.

Health & Fitness Expert | Author | Speaker


From childhood, Dinesh wished to help people be healthy, happy and live in harmony with nature.

He graduated from IIT Bombay and realized he could fulfil his dream by being an Art of Living teacher. For over two decades, he has travelled all over the world teaching the Art of Living series of courses on Self Development to thousands of people.

Dinesh has been into fitness for as long as he can remember. He had a shoulder injury which he carelessly neglected, hoping it would get better by itself. Unfortunately, it escalated into a frozen shoulder putting a virtual stop to his workouts. He was advised all sorts of medication and invasive surgery. An osteopathy session miraculously relieved the injury in less than an hour. Subsequent CST sessions ensured that he was pain-free and soon he was back to gymming.

Dr. Kapil Mathur, an osteopath friend visiting from London worked his magic on the errant shoulder and almost miraculously relieved the injury in less than an hour! Of course, Dinesh wanted to learn how Kapil managed the cure.

Dinesh decided to learn Craniosacral Therapy which is a part of Osteopathy that doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. He formally studied with a school based out of Australia. He then honed his theory and technique by learning from many teachers from all over the world. He has professionally given treatments to hundreds of people and helped alleviate their pain.

Along with Khurshed and Dr. Ankita Dhelia, he has co-created the PACT approved Integrated Craniosacral Therapy Foundation Training for the Sri Sri Tattva Centre of Healing Arts. This program uniquely combines the lore of CST which is itself more than a century old, with modern medical concepts and ancient Indian Spirituality.

He enjoys exercise and yoga and loves writing poetry.

Osteopath | Movement Expert | Author

Dr. Ankita Dhelia

Dr. Ankita Dhelia (MBBS, MSc Osteopathy, Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy) is in charge of the Wellness Centre at Panchakarma, Art of Living Ashram, Bengaluru.

She is a consultant Osteopath and has treated hundreds of people from all over the world for issues ranging from Migraines to Fibromyalgia, sports injuries to disc abnormalities, and hormonal imbalances to gastrointestinal disorders. Her success rate is incredible, and her patients have a great regard for her.

She used to apprentice with a neurosurgeon, and was strongly inclined towards being a surgeon. Her firm belief was that Allopathy is the only way to treat diseases, and all other alternative healing modalities were inferior because they were not scientific evidence-based.

Her concepts were shattered when she came across some very sick people who were pronounced incurable by conventional medicine miraculously regaining their health. They were getting treated by Craniosacral therapy and Osteopathy.

Her interest in these sciences rose, and she studied Osteopathy at Sri Sri University with some of the best Osteopaths from across the world. While there, she completed a diploma in Craniosacral therapy as well.

Her treatments are preventive as well as curative. She looks for the cause of disease and is always finding new and creative ways to treat an issue with an amalgamation of body work, home remedies, EFT, Bach flower therapy, mudras, exercises and whenever required, allopathic medicine. Her vast knowledge of various healing modalities make her a potent and much sought after healer.

She is exceptionally well-versed with the nuances of human anatomy and physiology, and has a knack for good diagnosis. She loves learning new healing modalities and is now studying PDTR (Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex) and Functional Medicine.

She is an Art of Living teacher and a meditates daily.

Along with Khurshed and Dinesh, she has created the Integrated Craniosacral Therapy Foundation Program certified by PACT for Sri Sri Tattva Centre of Healing Arts


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